Thursday, January 10, 2008

Semi-Casual Thursday

Zip up: H&M
Shirt: Old Navy
Tank: Kohesion
Jeans: Kohesion
Booties: Forever 21 -- My roommate didn't want them! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! Well, they are like 3 1/2 inches, but still, I choose Fashion over pain.

Well as it turns out, I lasted 3 hours in those shoes; on my break, I went back to my dorm and switched into my brickenstocks from A&E. Those boots are extremely chic, but also extremely painful. I thought I could last, but it doesn't help when you are standing for 3 hours straight filing paper work. It really doesn't.

I've found a new love in heels. It could be because I am becoming a woman, but there is nothing better than putting on a pair of heels. I get this ultra feminine feeling and sexy vibe whenever I put on a good heel. The height, the length my legs get, and did I mention the height? I LOVE feeling tall. I don't know if it has to do with my inner desire to be a model, but I love feeling 5'10''. I am naturally 5'7'', and don't get me wrong, I love my height and I think it's a perfect height, but there is just something powerful and endearing about being able to be taller than I already am. Heels provide the best of both worlds ya know; I get the choice of looking like an average Jane or looking like a sky-scraping Tyra. Ahh --;]--, for pain and blister, I will remain faithful to my heels.


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