Friday, February 29, 2008

The Week Is Finally Over

I'm losing the creativity in my outfits. Also, Winter, although enjoyable--I like cold weather, disables the outfit possibilities. And like I said in my previous post, Spring, you seriously need to come. NOW!

My week was hectic. It made me grumpy and irritable. I do too much in a week and I never have time to see anybody. And when the weekend comes, all I want to do is sleep and complete my homework.

Well, things like this are keeping me sane on campus:

I found this ad while flipping through US Vogue's March issue (which happens to be their BIGGEST issue ever--seriously.). This was quite possibly the highlight of my day, and I'm sure many of you know why; I am obsessed with Elephants! Ellie--my stuffed Elephant and the face of Secretista--was excited about this ad too! This ad is for Hermès. I stumbled upon this blog today, and it has even more pictures from the ad campaign! Quite frankly I think this is the best ad spread in the whole magazine! And it's not only because it has Elephants, okay, may be it is. LOL.

Moving on, the reoccurring theme in my week is Patriotism and Individualism. The movies that I watched in my Japanese Politics and Chinese Literature class, both had to do with Patriotism and people standing up for their country! Also, on ANTM this week, we were introduced to the apartment that the models would be staying at, which had the theme of standing up for what you believe in. Well, this got me thinking: If someone likes to dress like Krusty The Clown everyday, are they wrong? Fashion is about self-expression and creativity, but it's also about looking well-put together. But, can you look well-put together and ridiculous at the same time? I don't know. Someone help me out.

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