Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Sorry I've been M.I.A and not commenting on blogs. I've been really really busy; yesterday I was out of my dorm from 9 AM - 9 PM. I had tons of studying to do and people to meet and an interview to go to and it was just a hectic day. And even now, I should be doing my homework before a club meeting, but I am here, talking to my fellow Istas and Blog readers.

My Hunter boots arrived today. Part of me thinks I should have gotten a more drastic color (they're chocolate brown), but I'll probably just end up buying another pair in either red or yellow--I'm sick, I know. The boots cost $98--$113 plus tax, shipping & handling. My roommate:

Thinks I paid too much money and/or that they are ugly. HAHA! Oh well. It's really nice quality, except it's pretty snug on my man-like calves and I can pretty much only where them with skinny pants, tights, or nothing, woo!

Today I had an epiphany (more like a realization). I dress pretty much the same everyday. I try not to, but when it comes down to it my style is pretty much the same. Boots, jeans/pants, tank, shirt, jacket, or dress & tights. It's hard to mix-it up in Winter. So to the Weather Gods, make Spring come, NOW!

What do you think of my new boots? Keep or exchange?
Do you think you dress the same everyday?


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