Monday, February 18, 2008


Lackadaisical is how I've been feeling lately. I'm not sure if it's because I'm PMS'n (yes, I just said that) or if it's because, well, I'm not sure.

Anyway, I'm home for President's Weekend and I've done nothing but lounge around and take care of my mother who is awaiting her hip replacement surgery in a couple weeks. I have a million things to read and study for my classes and I have done none of it. This, makes me sick in the stomach. I am never one to be lazy and not do anything on my to-do list (yes, I really do have one). So as I am up at 3 in the morning doing my laundry and watching TV, I have decided to tell you guys a little bit about me.

As you can see in my pictures, I am obsessed with Elephants. I'm not sure where this obsession started, but I do remember having a research project in 5th grade, and Elephants being my topic; I had so much fun! 5th grade is also around the same time I realized I had a nack/love for Fashion. I never understood this sudden sensation; I thought I was weird, because while my friends were obsessing over the new Pop scene (I was too), I was also obsessing over the outfits. It could have been the fact that I watched MTV with my older brother on a regular day basis, but I'll just say it wasn't, to save myself embarrassment.

I'm a realistic over-achiever. I'm no Straight A student, but I'm not a poor student either. I know my limits and I know when I can handle doing 50 things at once. FYI: Lazy people who complain is my biggest pet pieve. I could tell you all my activities in high school, but that would be lame, because I'm in College now. However, I will say that in high school I became a very skilled cheerleader and Shot Putter. I've been a cheerleader for more than half my life and considered College Cheerleading, but it was too time consuming, and I was over that scene of girls (I was the only cheerleader who had good friends who were "band geeks"). I was also co-captain of a team of thirty and my Freshman year I was 1 of 2 on the competition team (we went to nationals--the one on ESPN--we sucked, haha). As for Track and Field, until June of 2008 I am the reigning Shot Put Champion of NJ for my section and division--I've got a plaque in my high school ;D. Anyway, my parents hate that I work myself to the bone. I can't help the fact that I actually enjoy learning new things and being a leader. I have dreams of having a posh apartment in the uppereast side (for the first half of my life) and having my lover, brother, or parents live with me (which one, I'm not sure. Hopefully, lover.). I am the golden child of the family, and I have big expectations to live up to.

No pressure, right?

Tell me one interesting fact about yourself.
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