Thursday, February 14, 2008

V-day is For LOSERS

I feel like my outfit is OVERLY trendy. I was late for work and had nothing else to wear. Eh. What do you think? HONESTLY.

Headband: F21
Scarf: Mother's
Shirt: Target;Mossimo
Vest: Bitten by SJP
Skirt: Macy's;Rewind
Leggings: Joyce Leslie
Boots: Guess?

Why the mean title you ask? Well, I'm sorry. I'm bitter. I've been bitter about Valentine's Day since, mmm, forever. I'm currently 19 and my last relationship was in 8th grade, and even then I was pressured by my friends to go out with him, even though I had no interests in him what so ever. So technically I've never, ever, had a real relationship.

I tend to scare guys; I'm overly independant and ridiculously blunt when it comes to men getting involved with me. I do way too many things for my own good, and it's hard to find a guy who will be willing to be half way down my current priority list. I plan to be very, very successful in my future, and my potential future boyfriend/husband will have to realize that. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about supporting my man as well, but I'm young, and currently it's all about getting my life straight. Plus, I'm abstinent. If that really means anything, I don't know. It shouldn't.

I'd rather be blowing cash on some Loubous than some damn card or gift for that special guy. Sad isn't it?

Well, I love being single, so SUCK ON THAT CUPID!

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