Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Little Crazy

Jacket: The Gap; Men's section!
Scarf: Mommy's
T-Shirt: Hanes
Jeans: Kohesion
Brickenstocks: American Eagle

After my English class today I had planned on picking up my pay check, but it was far too cold for me to trek any further across campus. In that case, I stopped at the Student Center Bookstore to see if they received any new magazines. And to my blessing, they did! I spent $30 on magazines--that's sick. The InStyle is actually a Style Guide book and the most expensive one; why did I buy it? I'm not quite sure. However there were some good professional outfit ideas in there that I could use when I start going on interviews. I don't really have time to read through all of them today because I have a Mandarin vocabulary quiz tomorrow, and yesterday in class I was so lost. Studying is a must, if I want to keep it as my minor!

My previous post seemed to have spark a lot of attention! All your comments made me realize two things:
1. Don't trust E! with Fashion news.
2. Trends are trends. They will always be around and if we follow them, we follow them, and if we don't, we don't.

Last night in the Project Runway reunion, Michael Kors talked about his Trendy Twenties, and what he said made a lot of sense to me--in this self-discovery age of mine. It made me realize that, I am young, I am allowed to be Trendy and make Fashion mistakes, it's a part of being an adolescent!

I haven't slept in 24 hours. I was up all-night writing a paper, which turned out to be phenomenal--HEY GIRL HEY! I met with an English tutor which allowed me to have an extra week to hand in the paper and the tutor loveddd it!--I knew she would, I just wanted an extra week. Haa. My writing has truly changed within the past couple months. I think it might be because I am back to blogging and reading so many magazines that I don't know where to store them anymore (seriously, I don't know where to store them). I think it might also have to do with the fact that I stopped writing things for the sheer joy of pleasing others. I just write for me, and if what I write tickles you pink and makes you think at the same time, then that's great.

This post was a little crazy.
What's been driving you crazy lately?
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