Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Kawaii!

I wasn't going to post today, but blogging is very addicting, and my mind is always rambling about Fashion (it might be because I just bought the latest Nylon at the Student Center, but who knows).

Taking a detour from NY Fashion Week (partially because I am sad I had to go to class and I couldn't sneak, uh, I mean attend any Fashion shows)...

I'm sitting here, looking at blogs, and getting ready to study for my Japanese Politics class. Tomorrow is my first class and I've already missed two because I registered for the class so late and I have a map quiz tomorrow and I need to blow my Professor away because when I e-mailed him, he was nasty about me entering his class and I told him that I was ready to put the effort in the course--THAT WAS A MOUTHFUL! Anyway, this class got me thinking about my Sophomore days in high school when I was OBSESSED with Japanese Street Fashion. I finally felt like I had a Fashion culture to identify with because I was too young to be sporting the DVF, but I wasn't too young to putting ecclectic outfits together. I would constantly check this site looking for inspirations for my outfits; my classmates even noticed. One of them even asked, "Why do you dress so crazy?" My response, "It's super kawaii!"--that means super cute in Japanese. I think this sprung my fascination with the Asian culture. Or, it could have been the fact that almost all my best friends are Asian, but surprisingly I am not an Asian studies Major and I don't think I will be. Okay, let me stop rambling.

Point being, I'm just curious as to if people still appreciate Japanese Street Fashion, or are people over it?


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