Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Taking A Break

I'm taking a break until Saturday.

I know what you are thinking: "WHY SECRETISTA?! WE NEED YOU! WE NEEEDDD YOU!"--hahaa or may be you're not thinking that, but I hope you are.

Tomorrow night I am seeing the Spice Girls with my friend who likes to blow bubblegum bubbles (scroll down if you don't remember her).

Thursdays (and Tuesdays) are my busiest days because I work from 10-2 and have classes from 2:20-5:50 and then I need to study for my Chinese exam on Friday.

Friday I plan on going into the city with a friend to possibly see a show. I had a dream that we snuck into another show, and it was fulfilling! That said...

Fashion A La Mode (she gives the best advice everr) got me thinking as to what I am going to wear Friday night. I don't know if I should be casual chic (some jeans and heels) or if I should be sophisticatedly chic (black pants and heels or a short black dress).

Any ideas as to what I should wear Friday night on my expedition to find a NY Fashion Week Show?

Special Note: Sorry for the lack of jumping pictures. Also, my free trial of Paint Shop Pro has ended, so I'm gunna have to fiddle around with my Adobe Photoshop when I have time. I really would like to buy Paint Shop Pro, but it's so darn expensive!

Ellie gives you his love!


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