Friday, February 8, 2008

Spice it up Marc Jacobs!

Turtleneck: H&M
Flannel: Old Navy
Jacket: H&M
Dress: Forever 21
Stockings: don't remember
Shoes: Target; Xhiliration

Okay. I couldn't wait til Saturday! So much to tell!

February 6, 2008; Spice Girls

My leopard vest was an ode to the old Scary Spice. My gal-pal and I were pretty far, but we could still see them! A lot of girls were dressed up as the OLD Spice Girls; It was darling. There were some little girls there too. Why? I don't know, for they weren't even born yet! Viva Spice Girls!

February 8, 2008; Marc Jacobs Fall 2008

The outside crowd; The Fashion Obsessed.
The invite that a PR Rep. gave us; Anna MOTHERFREAKIN Wintour.

The gift bags; Yum, the golden invite!

So this is what happened: We arrive to the NY Armory and the line is around the building! I then see a fellow classmate--it turns out her mom WORKS for Marc Jacobs and she gets to go to all his events (lucky biotch)! We talk and she's amazed that we are going to try and sneak into the show, because she never had to nor thought of doing that for any other show. So we walk pass security but then when they ask to check our bags they ask for the invitation and Jeff & I are like, uhh crap, so we pretend we left it at the hotel and go outside and brainstorm. We're waiting by the wall near the entrance and we see all the celebrities walk in! It was famous-people galore, and they were all well-dressed (duh). From Molly Simms, to Anna Wintour, to M.I.A, stars worth seeing were there! Well, anyway, now Jeff and I are standing there and we see these PR people in front of us holding lists of VIP names and it turns out that their job was to seat the VIPs. Jeff pesters me to ask them how we can get in, and so I do and they are pretty much like "It's impossible. Good luck!" 2 minutes later, they turn around and hand us their invitations since they basically don't need them. Jeff and I were over-joyed and waltz right into the show! AHHHH! This September, I'm aiming for 3 shows. I'll just keep upping them as the years goes on.

This has been the best week of my life EVERRR! Now I have to refocus on my schoolwork (ew).

Marc's line was uh-mazing! There was something angel-like, yet quirky about it. It sparked my fancy.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!
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