Monday, February 11, 2008


Zaijian means See you later or Goodbye in Mandarin. No, I'm not leaving.

Thanks Fabsugar!

A few things I have realized in the past week:

1. I was made to be a part of the industry of Fashion. Anyone can sneak into a show, well may be not anyone, but the fact that pathways opened for me to be able to, truly made me realize that I am going to be and need to become important enough one day to receive numerous invites to the shows.

2. Blogging takes up too much of my time; with reading over 20 blogs a day and trying to comment on all of them (not because I want them to comment on my posts, but simply because I enjoy commenting), a good 2 hours of my day is lost. 2 hours that could be devoted to my education (I go to a very expensive school and I need to keep up my GPA).

3. I love this world of Fashion Bloggers. It is so welcoming and everyone is so endearing and honest. I feel like I have made some nice friendships that may be one day we could all meet and have a Fashion Bloggers Convention!--wouldn't that be cool??

4. I dream to inspire others as much as Atoosa Rubenstein has inspired me. I love to be successful and want other to be successful as well!

5. I LOVE going to school so close to New York City!

That being said, I am only going to be blogging once a week or more--if I have time.

Peace out Fashion Junkies!

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