Monday, March 17, 2008

Your Mom Goes To College


It's no secret I'm a College Student.
And now, it's no secret WHICH College I attend.

While I gave the campus tour to prospective students and their parents on Saturday, my mind was racing and I was just thinking about how much of a big deal choosing the right College is. I had forgotten that there's extensive preparation, but sometimes I look back and think it wasn't that big of a deal. What I'm trying to get at is that College is one of the first turning points in a person's life; one discovers themselves and makes lifetime friendships.

Since I've been at College, I've discovered a couple of things. I've realized who my true friends are from back home. I've also discovered that I am able to not succumb to the typical Freshman ways of partying the night away. I've met people from different states and countries and realized that I love foreign men--haha. I've also become much more organized and responsible. And even though I'm from Jersey, NYC wasn't in my vocabulary. Going to school so close to the city has made me realized how much I love it and want it to be a part of my working future.

College is fun, and I'm ready for what has yet to come.

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