Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Casual Wednesday

Bad Secretista, bad! So... I didn't go to my Chinese exam today. I don't get points off or anything, I can still take it come Friday, but a part of me feels bad (probably because this is the first exam I skipped out on). But, I truly was not ready for the exam. I studied, but the characters just weren't sticking in my head. I'm going to study like a mad horse tonight and tomorrow and take it Friday and pass. My professor is understanding about this stuff. He's a really sweet Chinese man and he says that if you feel like you are not ready for a test and/or quiz then don't come and take it. And I did just that.

PLUG: HEY! If you're a College student, and you blog (like me), join Student Bloggers! I just joined.

Moving on, I'd like to introduce you all to my bag. Her name is... well she doesn't have a name. Who names inanimate objects (haha--me)?!?! My roommate and I went to Target about a month ago and we both bought the same bag. IT'S HUGEEE! Hannah Couture bought the same one too; except, hers is in a chic red. Every time I walk into a room, people always stare at me and usually say, "JESUS, WHAT DO YOU HAVE IN THERE? A BABY?!" I usually respond sarcastically, "Yes, as a matter of fact, I do." It's a great conversation starter. Then they ask where I bought it and they tell me how cute it is, and blahdy--blahdy--blah. Well, I only use this bag for my books and my GINORMOUS (seriously) laptop. I've also used it as an over night. I've personalized the bag with a pink ribbon, solely so my roommate and I don't mistaken each others bag! So tell me lovelies, what do you think?

Today's outfit is more on the casual side. I am a volunteer for a Big Brother Big Sister program on campus and if you dare wear heels with these kids, HA, you'd be a fool. My little kept crawling on my back, apparently, I was a "horsie" today. I love those kids (even if they do act like little maniacs sometimes)! I'm so glad I can be a mentor and offer some guidance. :)



Well, I'm off to take some pictures for the Yearbook; WOO!
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