Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No Biggy

On days that I've got a bajillion things going on in my head, I can't be bothered with piecing together a creative and personal outfit. I often resort to a pair of jeans, a long tank, a t-shirt, and w/e shoes and/or jacket; today was one of those days.


I wore my Double B shirt in honor of the series finale of Rob & Big on MTV tonight. I am so sad (crazy I know). This show meant so much to me; not only was it hilarious, but also it reminded me of my relationship with one of my best friends back home (she's cute, tiny and petite and I'm just uh bigger). Also, Rob & Big was something my brother and I bonded over. It is because of my older brother that at heart I am a slight tomboy, and well, this show fulfilled all my tomboy tendencies.

R.I.P Rob & Big

Moving on, I've been worrying about my school work, not getting enough sleep, my internship interview on Thursday, and my possible position as a Resident Assistant (RA). And so far I've knocked one of those off--today I found out that I will be an RA for the rest of my College career! This means free room & board, more responsibility, oh and my own room. I'm so excited! I can be a bit of a procrastinator, and I hate that aspect about myself. I think becoming an RA will force me to be on top of my daily schedule.

Speaking of procrastination: I've got a math project due tomorrow. It's no biggy though, I just have to teach the class on Goldbach's Conjecture and my Professor is a pretty chill kind of guy, so there's no pressure.

Ugh well, I've got to head to class...

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