Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Random Post/Rant

emJaye's already heard of this through our Facebook messages, but I'm up doing a paper, and I've got to drive an hour back to school at 5 am. So that means no sleep for me. I went crazy today with my shopping--I must have spent at least $400. That means, no more Spring/Summer shopping for me. At least... until my next pay check. Or, not even. I need to make more money and I need time to be able to make more money. UGH! Summer vacation come now and bring a Summer internship with you, please.

I've got a sick outfit planned for today, and I've also got a lot of studying to do, once I get back to school. Looks like I'll be going to bed late tonight, oh well--it's College.

The J key on my keyboard keeps getting stuck; it's actually really annoying. And the D and the 9 key sometimes pop out--WTF?! This is a VERY new Dell Inspiron 1720 (I got it in August) and I've already had some issues. I think I'm too hard on my PCs, woops. Either way, I'm a PC kinda gal. But, for the magazine industry they use Macs. And although Macs are great and user friendly, I like PCs better. What do you prefer?

I've neglected my favorite comic site for some time now, and while I'm taking a breather from my rough draft of an essay, I checked out some of the comics I've missed. The humor is a little controversial and dry. But, when I want some entertainment, I like it.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

Well, back to work...


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