Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday Night Delight

I'm sorry. I'm sorry I haven't been visiting sites, reading and commenting like I usually do. I'm sorry that I haven't been updating regularly. Finals week is approaching and I've got so much going on that blogging has and hasn't been the last thing on my mind. I keep meaning to update everyday and visit sites, but as many of you know, blogging takes up a lot of time. Thus, I'll be taking a one week hiatus.

Friday I saw Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay
, and it was awesome! Critics are giving it bad ratings, but my roommate, my friend, and I thought it was hilarious. If you're expecting a movie exactly like Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, then you might be disappointed. It's not exactly like the first one; there's more in-depth situations that take place and personally I think it's a sweet way to end the Harold and Kumar saga. I really hope they don't make a third one because well, that would be dumb and lame. Thus, I recommend you all go see it, but brace yourself because the racial/social stereotypes are there and they will hit you in the face like a ton of bricks. However, just remember that it's a COMEDY, so don't take everything in the movie to heart.

Last night, a friend of mine had a Birthday party. Remember 'The Weekender'? Yea, it was the same place and slightly the same people. The food was amazing (as always) and quite frankly I think I ate too much. My stomach hurts and I think I need a good day of detoxing/fasting! I wore this black tutuesque skirt from Forever 21, a plain white tee, black stockings and my flats; I didn't take any pictures (except the 1st 2 below) because, well, I'm not sure--haha. But, Thiat and Heather did! I had a cake specially made and was kind of disappointed; the ratio of thickness in buttercream layers to chocolate cake layers could be stated as something like 4:1. This my dearies caused an instant sugar high in my body and then a sugar low. We played cranium; I got a little competitive, but my team lost both times :(. All in all, it was a fun night.



He's obsessed with Mika.


I decided to jump in at the last second.


We were, um, campaigning his cologne?

It's nights like these that make me happy that I'm an 'adult'. I remember being little and while everyone else was really excited about growing up, I wasn't--I didn't want to face a new life. But, I think I really enjoy having my own life and being out on my own. There's just something self-assuring about making decisions on your own. But don't get me wrong, my parents do know best. Whether we all want to believe it or not, the 'rents do know a little somethin' somethin'. What are your opinions on 'adulthood'?


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