Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex and The City and Fabulous

Wow! That was a long movie. I just saw Sex and The City and boy was it amazing! It supplied all the sufficient needs that a SATC fan wants. The movie offered closure on all the characters, and if you are not a SATC fan, you might not enjoy the movie. I cried, I laughed (hysterically), and I awed. However, after the movie I felt lonely, but felt the need to have a greater appreciation for my friends. The SATC girls have a bond so strong that I hope I have lovely friends like that well into my golden years.

Before the movie, I went to visit my old job. I get along great with my former boss and I even helped out a little. Oh, I used to work at this awesome ice cream treatery called MaggieMoo's. And you know what, in honor of SATC they came out with a special ice cream mix properly named Cosmopolitan. It's a mixture of chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, and fresh strawberries--can you say yummy in my tummy?

Moving on to my outfit, I decided on a yellow dress. I feel like I'm channeling a little bit of every character in my outfit; I love it and I hope you do too :).


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