Monday, May 19, 2008

Take Me Away

My Summer vacation has begun and so far I've spent the first three days siting in bed, blowing my nose, and watching non-stop coverage of the Fall 2008 Collections on UltraHD. I've got a massive headache, so looking at my laptop screen is very hard for me. I've yet to unpack all my clothing and will force myself to do that today--hopefully the Motrin will kick in.

I'll be visiting my high school on Wednesday with a friend and I'm just curious as to what I should wear. Eh, it's supposed to rain so I'll just revolve an outfit around my boots.

Anyhow, as designers are coming out with their Resort/Cruise collections, I can't help but anticipate my lover's, Giambattista Valli, Resort/Cruise collection. For those who aren't exactly sure what these collections are, I'll explain (I once didn't understand). Resort/Cruise collections were created so the wealthy that go away to lovely resorts in the Winter had an assortment of clothing to pick from. All in all, it's Summer clothes that you can buy in Winter.

Elegance has been the renowned theme in all of the seasonal collections. It's like designers are sending us ladies a hidden message: be more elegant! And even in all his craziness, Galliano gives us a hint of elegance. :) All this sophistication has got me craving a luxurious getaway with my gal pals; sipping fruity drinks and going gaga over some hotty on the beach. Well, a girl can dream, right?


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