Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Feel Like Dancin'

Some of the roots of my craziness and Fashion taste is with House/Dance/Euro Pop/Euro Dance etc. music. The first CD I ever owned was by Aqua (The creators of the song Barbie Girl). I think my inner inhibitions to be a dancer made me love this type of music, but ever since the age of 8 I have been HOOKED. And if you've been a frequent reader of my blog, you'll notice it in the music I play. So the other day when I heard September's Cry For You on Z100 I was ecstatic. The radio stations never play my kind of music, except for the occasional Bob Sinclar and currently David Guetta song.

What I love about this type of music is that the videos are artfully done and Fashion forward. It makes me crave a day of what I call "shopping therapy"--haha. I've compiled a list of music videos that will give you the Fashion inspiration you've been wanting. Or at least I hope it gives you some Fashion inspiration, and if not, then some quality entertainment!

1. September; Cry For you
2. September; Satellites
3. Kylie Minogue; In My Arms
4. Kylie Minogue; Wow
5. Aqua; Lollipop
6. 2 Unlimited; No Limit
7. Yelle; A Cause des Garcons

What's your favorite type of music?

Okay, so may be some of it is a little cheesy and weird, but I love it! Woo--I feel like dancin'!


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