Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Fart. You Fart. We All Fart!

What I'm about to say may gross you out a bit but whatever it's my blog, yo. I'm a very open person when it comes to things that have to do with bowel movements and what not. I'm not one of those girls that will deny the fact that she farts... everyday. It's completely natural though, ya know? We're all human so we all do it, and if you claim you don't fart everyday then you might have a problem. I mean seriously, if you don't fart everyday, you might want to go see a doctor--haha. Well I'd like to share a text convo. I just had with my ex-roommate (who's all the way in Oregon) that conveys our never ending bond. :)

Secretista: "So I took the biggest dump of my life this morning. SERIOUSLY. I thought of you and just thought I'd let you know. Miss you!"
Ex-roomie: "Haha. I saw this book that was like Learn What Your Poop Is Telling You and I totally thought of you, haha! I miss you too!"
Secretista: :)

Are you afraid to admit the fact that you fart? I hope not. Well, I guess it can be a little embarrassing. But nothing is funnier than when someone accidentally farts in public and tries to play it off like nothing happened--haha! Oh gosh, I'm crackng up just thinking about it.

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