Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shut Up and Drive

Last time I wore this dress I wore it without anything underneath (except some underwear of course). I wasn't sure how it would look with pants because I'm not a big fan of the dress over the jean look or whatever, but, I was surprised how girly the look turned out to be. It's my father's 57th birthday and I wanted to look like his little girl!


So I'm watching the U.S Olympic Trials, and I can't help but reminisce my days as a hardcore athlete. Daddy's little girl was the little (tom)boy he never had. Well I do have an older brother, but he's not into playing sports (Unless you consider video games a sport--hah, it could be.). I guess the fact that I was an athlete fueled my inner-drive to succeed at anything I put my mind to. Anyhow, there's something about competing to be the best in a particular sport that gives me an adrenaline rush similar to the one I get from watching the creations of Giambattista Valli stomp down the runway. The way I see it, winning a competition is just great gratification that all your hard work wasn't for nothing. What gives you your inner-drive?

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