Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Intern and The City: Inspire Me!

Today, I got to sit-in on a staff meeting. This is my second one, but this time it was with the CEO and all hands were on deck! I wasn't sure if I was allowed to have my in-put (I didn't want to anyway), so I just sat there taking notes like a mad woman. I swear, these ladies are so inspiring and creative it makes me want to work harder during my 6 hour shift.

Speaking of inspiring people. My Editor-in-chief at JAYE Magazine is truly darling. He gives advice like no other, and I'm so thankful he's in my life. He's like a personal mentor and I'm so glad that I'm on his staff where I'm writing and learning (a lot). That being said, the July issue of JAYE Magazine is on the web!


I have a question for you all. Why do I always get hit-on by sleazy men? Seriously. It's kind of annoying. I'm not trying to secretly praise myself, but truly vent. Whenever I walk in the city to and from my internship, I always get sleazy comments like:

"Hey chocolate!"
"How you doin' dimples?"
"What's poppin' sunshine?"
Or today's last one was actually kinda nice:
"Hey beautiful, what's your name?"


Sigh, where would the world be without sleazy men? Hmm, I guess the fact that I wore killer pumps today didn't help either. The pumps do ooze sexiness, but I tried to downplay them with my outfit. However, today's outfit was all about the shoes. Imelda you shoe feen--you like? The shoes inspire my inner Diva.

Who or what inspires you?
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