Sunday, July 27, 2008

Advice Needed: Eight-Legged Freaks!

Spiders are disgusting. Spiders make me cringe. Spiders need to DIE!

As I type, there is a spider--make that spiders--outside my window. I know what you're thinking, "Oh, it's outside your window. You'll be fine." NO! It's not just outside my window, it's in between the vent and the window. Meaning, if I were to open my window, the spiders would come crawling into my room, eat my brain and suck my blood because they have no other place to go! Heh. Okay, may be I have an overactive imagination.

One spider--I call her Big Momma--has made some form of a nesting sac. It consists of tiny tiny spiders scrunched together in one big ball (ew!). I'm scared of what will happen when these spiders hatch(?) and start eating Big Momma (that is what they do, right?). I want to kill them all, Big Momma included. I pondered this action yesterday as well, so while I was staring at the little demons, my older brother walked in my room.

Big Brother: "Uhm, what are you doing?"
Secretista: "SH! They can hear you."
Big Brother: "Uh, who?"
Secretista: "Them!" (points finger at window)
Big Brother: (walks over to window) "Cool!"
Secretista: "Huh?! I'm thinking about killing them, but I'm afraid that if I open my window they'll all come flying in and eat me."
Big Brother: "What?! Sure, they'll crawl all over your room, but as far as eating you. Nah."
Secretista: "Yeah... that's what dad said too."
Big Brother: "Don't worry. By winter, they'll be gone."

I guess I'll let them be, but I still really want to crush them all to pieces. What do you think I should do?

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