Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Obsession: Intuition

We all have it. It's that inner voice that tells us what to do. Sometimes we ignore it and sometimes we listen to it, but most of the time, that little voice a.k.a your intuition is right.

This morning I missed my normal train because I couldn't decide what to wear... sort of. You see, I have what I call a style intuition; I take a look at my closet the night before and then I instantly know what I should wear. However, when the next morning comes, I go against my style intuition and put something else on--only to realize that I don't like it. And guess what I end up wearing? The original outfit I mocked up in my head! So when I start rushing to my destination, I'm constantly saying, "You need to trust your intuition. YOU NEED TO TRUST YOUR INTUITION!"

Sadly, this isn't the first I've ignored my intuition (style or not). For a while I battled with a strong issue of self-doubt, but I guess most of us have at one point, right? It's taken me years to trust that inner voice of mine and although I think I've come a long way from the prepubescent girl who never trusted her own judgement, I still battle with self-doubt every now and then, i.e today. Anyone the same?



P.S. The suggestions on yesterday's post as to what I should do about my little visitors were funny and helpful! I'm not sure what I want to do, but I'd like to kill them. However, these spiders scare me. I can usually kill spiders because during the last school year, my roommate would not kill the creepy crawlies in our room and I was not about to go to bed with a spider or whatever going for a joy crawl in our room, so I had to MAN up. Hmm. Well. I go back to school in about two weeks so I won't have to see them for another 3 months. Let's hope by then their long gone.
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