Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday's Thoughts: I Don't Understand


Mmm, nothing beats sushi and cupcakes. I had lunch today with a classmate/friend who is interning at More magazine. We chatted about school, summer, and all that good stuff. Oh yeah, and we ate sushi and cupcakes. She had one normal sized cupcake while I had TWO gigantic chocolate delights (NEVER again will I do that). There are things in this world that I don't understand and why Crumbs' cupcakes are so delightful happens to be one of them. Do they inject some type of drug into their cake batter?! Speak magic over their oven?! Well, this got me thinking, what else do I not currently understand.

1. Rihanna's music videos. Her songs are so good, but the videos just don't make any sense! Or, they don't turn out to be what I expected. I swear, check out her videos Umbrella, Please Don't Stop the Music, and Disturbia. I understand she's trying to be edgy and fashion forward (?), but I think certain videos require a storyline and some of her videos just don't have one. But then again, who cares because her songs still make me want to shake my groove thang.

2. Kate Perry's I Kissed A Girl. Call me old fashion or whatever, but I don't believe in experimenting. I'M SORRY. I don't think I'll ever get that urge to "kiss a girl." I don't play the fence. I think the song's beat is really great and she's got a great tone to her voice, but I can't stand the lyrics. I don't know why, but the song just gets on my nerves and every time I hear it I have to change the station.

3. Sprinkles. I love, love me some sweet toppings, but sprinkles I never understood. I used to work at an ice cream shop called MaggieMoo's and whenever the little kiddies would ask for rainbow sprinkles or chocolate sprinkles I would smile, mix the sprinkles in and later on scratch my head in confusion. Sprinkles don't have a flavor, even the chocolate ones! It's all about the Oreo mix-ins kiddies, the Oreo mix-ins.

What do you not currently understand?

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