Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm A Cool Writer! A Cool, Cool, Cool Writer.

On the board she wrote:
"Online, no one can see how crappy your writing is (yay!)."

This my friends set the tone for the ED2010 Dot-Com Class I attended last night. The class is a two day course on well, writing for the web. I had the liberty of attending the first class--for a decent price--tonight. And I think I may have found my Atoosa Rubenstein for online writing. Her name is Rachel Sklar, Senior Contributing Editor and “Eat The Press” columnist for The Huffington Post, and dotcom extraordinaire! What I loved about her teaching was not only her energy, but her down-to-earth vibe; the lady was not afraid to admit her love for Grease 2 and Harry Potter! She also provided some very, very vital information that I think I'll start applying to Secretista.

Well as an assignment, she told everyone in the class to go home, create a blog (check!) and embed a Grease 2 video (double check!).

Now I must tell you all that I'm not a Grease 2 fan. You see, to me Grease 2 is like many other sequels; it has a what the heck(?!) factor. When we last left Grease, Danny, Sandy and the gang graduated and they all went their separate ways. Rama lama lama, it was over. Kaput. The end. But then Grease 2 which is set 2 years after the original hits you with unknown characters and only one familiar face--beauty school drop out (isn't she a little too old to still be in high school?). I don't get it! You can't recreate an epic movie. You just can't. Just like you can't recreate Bring It On four times over... oh wait, that's right. That already happened, and who agrees with me that they ruined the cheerleading movie saga? But uh, just like you can't recreate Bring It On four times and expect the same hype from the first one, you can't create a sequel that doesn't make any sense. Hmm. I do hear that Grease 2 has recently accumulated a cult following though. Well whether I like it or not, I will admit the Grease 2 video makes me want a cool rider (a cool, cool, cool rider!).

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