Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Intern and The City: Food For Thought


Today my editor made me realize something; I need to chill the heck out (not her exact words, but my interpretation). Determined to finish whatever I was working on, I ignored my grumbling stomach. It was approaching 1 and while everyone left their desk chairs to go eat, I didn't. Not smart on my part. However, once it turned 1, she made sure I had food in my bellay. She's so darling :).

I sometimes wonder why I submerge myself into my work and forget about the world. I do it during the school year too--neglecting my friends because I have to study or start a project... a month ahead of time? Something about mixing work and play is something I never grasped as a child. I once had a conversation with my best friend about this topic and she reminded me about an incident that happened in 5th grade. She asked, "You want to come over and watch a movie?" My response, "Uh, why? It's Friday. I have to do homework!" 9 years later, I can't help but chuckle at that incident. Nevertheless, amongst other things, I'm learning the importance of fun.


So if I didn't escape out of the office for a little bit, I would have missed the oh-so delicious cupcakes from Crumbs Bake Shop downstairs in the cafeteria. I think I found my new cupcake love affair. Sorry Billy's Bakery, their cupcakes actually stay intact. I think I devoured that cupcake in a matter of seconds. Hoping no one saw me shove it down my throat, I looked over my shoulder and unfortunately saw a co-worker... looking right at me. I hope I didn't have any icing on my face, heh.

My sudden cupcake obsession has got me scoping out all the cupcake shops in Manhattan. After I visit Crumbs Bake Shop, my next stop is sugar Sweet sunshine. I think CosmoGIRL! was on to something about cupcakes being this season’s latest accessory. Do you agree?


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