Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Intern and The City: Something Learnt


The lovely Noel @ MissCouturable and I met up for lunch today and shared tidbits about our lovely internships. We hit up this organic? healthy? burger place called Better Burger and then headed to Billy's Bakery! OH MY GAHH--HEAVEN. I love how the cupcakes split easily, so that you can eat the top half and the bottom half separately! However, eating the cupcakes are a little messy (or I just don't know how to eat), but who cares because they taste mighty fine! Hmm. Ya know, it was really nice to finally go out for lunch; sometime I get so caught up in the work I'm doing that I forget to eat. But that's okay because I'm learning so much!

Ultimately, that's what internships are about--learning new things and gaining experience in your field of choice. So far my brain has absorbed knowledge on:

How to write for the web.
How to operate a Mac, better. I'm Pro-computer, but the magazine industry uses Macs, so it's better I learn now than later.
How to edit and research photos.
How to kick a$ in an interview.
OH, and I now know the importance of news.

I wonder what I'll learn next?!
What's something new you've recently learned?


P.S. Check out my update on how to stay healthy at your workplace!
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