Thursday, July 3, 2008

What Is This Break You Speak Of?

I felt like a housewife today. It was my first day off since summer break began and it was filled with nothing but errands and household chores. I'm glad my to-do list is over, but I feel like I should have gone into work (my internship) today anyway. There's a lot going on at the office lately, so I wanted to be there for my editors and just alleviate the stress. However, I was told by my parents and friends that if I was told I didn't have to come in, I shouldn't. Apparently, my parents and friends think I need a break. A long conversation with my best friend ended in me unwillingly agreeing to stay home and "rest". What is this "rest" you people talk about?

So in order to be comfortable all day, I wore leggings and a plain white tee. I never wear leggings unless my ankles are covered up, but uh I made an exception today. What do you think about leggings?


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