Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Secretista The Explorer


4 different subway trains in one day and I am alive. Hot and sticky, but alive. This morning I took my normal route (the 1), but then I had to migrate uptown and instead of taking the C or the A, I glanced at my map and was like "Oh! The E goes to the same place as the A and C." WRONG. I ended up in Queens--waiting 10 minutes for the downtown E to take me back into Manhattan. I then got off a stop too early and waited an additional 15 minutes for the E. Once I arrived at the proper stop, I transferred to the uptown C and FINALLY arrived at my destination--with make up rubbed off my face due to sweat.

Getting home was a strange fiasco as well. I was craving a cupcake from Billy's Bakery--hehe--and decided to venture down into Chelsea. I took the A thinking it would stop at 23rd and 8th. MMM... NOPE. I ended up at 14th street, transferred over to the C and headed uptown to snag my cupcakes. After grabbing a finger full of icing, I jetted back to the uptown C thinking it would arrive any minute, so I could catch my train back home. Ha. Silly me, I thought the train would actually show up! Well, because of technical difficulties, the uptown C stopped running uptown after 14th street. Thus, just like I started my day taking the 1, I took the 1 back to Penn Station. Ya know, this all could have been avoided if I just took the 1 uptown and downtown. GOSH.

Have any weird or interesting adventures recently?


P.S. All your comments on my previous post were very mind provoking. I read every single one of them! Final thought: everyone's view of perfection is different and we should just accept ourselves for what we are. Viva imperfections!
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