Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Secretista + Cupcakes + Giambattista Valli = Forever


Oh Red Velvet, I love thee. Today was the day. Today was the day I had my very first Red Velvet cupcake, ever. I can't exactly describe the taste, but it was pure perfection. Previous to shoving it in my mouth, I heard that it was supposed to taste similar to chocolate; however, my taste buds didn't catch that flavor. When I saw the cupcake sitting there (and screaming my name), I couldn't help but say, "Hello there my little Giambattista Valli wannabe creation." Covered in creamy white vanilla frosting, and decorated with bright red sprinkles and drizzled milk chocolate, the cupcake really did look like a piece from his Fall 2008 collection. Or, I could just be trying to force my two loves to become one! Hah.



P.S. The new season of Project Runway Premieres tonight! Oh and if you have time, check out an update I wrote a couple of days ago. It's about childhood dreams. What's yours? Are you living it now? Mine was to be a stylist. No surprise there...

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