Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weekend Delights: What A Bust!

What a bust. My weekend is boring. So far I've done nothing but shower, eat, sleep, watch episodes of SATC for the billionth time, and eat some more. I love my gal pals, but if I knew that our plans to dine and shmooze today would be canceled on account they all had work, I would have made a trip into the city like I've been planning to. Oh well, I guess relaxing at home isn't so bad.

Since I've been so uhm... not busy, I've actually had time to read all of my favorite fashion resources! I just came across an interesting post on New York Magazine's Fashion Blog: The Cut, and apparently necklines for men are plunging while necklines for women are rising. WHAT?! I don't know how I feel about exposed chest hair, but I do know I'm glad necklines for women are rising; I was never a fan of cleavage.

Well if you find yourself bored like me, read JAYE Mag's August 2008 issue!


Have a great weekend lovelies!


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