Monday, August 4, 2008

Intern and The City: Beginning of The End (Summer 08)

That's right. Today marked the beginning of my last week at my internship, and I'm kind of sad. I'm really going to miss my daily routine and of course the fabulous ladies I work with. Sigh. I really can't believe how fast these past two months have gone, but I'll do the whole "end of the internship" entry in two days.

This morning as I sat like a squished pickle in between two fellow train passengers, I managed to read the whole September issue of teenVOGUE. A lot has got me in back-to-school mode, hence, my previous post. It could be because I'm moving back to school in a week, or that I'm watching Britney Spear's Hit Me Baby One More Time music video, but the September issue of teenVOGUE didn't exactly help me in fighting the sudden urge to go shopping--with money that I shouldn't be spending. Well like most magazines they have the horoscope section (duh), and I usually skip over it because I'm a nonbeliever in horoscopes, psychics, etc. Although, I do have a funny story about an incident with the psychic hotline, but that's for another entry. I decided to glance over at what teenVOGUE's horoscope had to say about me, Aquarius--this is the dawning of the age Aquarius, the age of the Aquarius... sorry, I couldn't help--and the horoscope couldn't have been more dead on that it was kind of scary. It read, "School: Write for the school paper or consider starting a campus magazine: You'll thrive in any area that deals with journalism." WHAT?!?! How did they know I would be starting a campus fashion magazine with Homie C?! FAREAKYYYY!


Have any freaky incidents like this before?

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