Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Intern and The City: The End (Summer 08)

Well. It's over. At 4:30 sharp I deleted all the files on my computer, cleared my desk area, handed in my access card and finished some last minute paperwork. I honestly don't think I could have had a BETTER first internship. It was like God heard me and knew that where I interned would be the perfect place for me to learn what I need to know and much more.

The day started off with me handing out thank you cards and gifts. Wondering what the gifts were? Just one word: elephant. Being that the elephant IS my favorite animal (no surprise there) and is a symbol of good luck (if the trunk is facing upward), I thought that it would be perfect! It was pure luck that I stumbled into a store at my local mall and noticed little elephant statues, for I was looking for them everywhere! Well after that, the day was as normal as it could be and at the end of the day I was surprised with a lovely goodie bag!!



Ugh. Today just reminded of the fact that I am moving back to school on Tuesday to start training as an RA (Resident Assistant). I want the school year to start, but at the same time I don't because I'm going to be in overdrive this fall; I've got so much going on. In between interning at Seventeen Magazine (Woops. I forgot to tell you all that this fall I'll be interning at Seventeen Magazine in the Fashion Closet! AH!) and school work and RA'n, I hope I don't... no, I know I won't burn out (trying to stay positive here).


More about how I got my internship at Seventeen Magazine; I stalked the Fashion Closet Facebook Group. I mean literally. I checked it every day (sometimes multiple times in one day) and when I saw they were accepting apps for the fall, I pounced on the opportunity! After my interview, I was kind of scared I didn't get it. I actually wore this outfit, but with a black jacket over it. I thought the smart idea would be to keep the outfit simple and "normal." No sense in going to an interview in an experimental outfit and end up looking like a buffoon, right? My interview was normal, but I'm usually good at reading interviewers and I know when I did well or not. However, the fab ladies were unreadable, so I was really scared and kept complaining to my mom for a whole week about how I hope I get it while she repeatedly reassured me, "you got it! Stop worrying," but I just brushed her off like another supposed-to-support mother. I start in September. The End.

Summer's coming to an end real soon. How does everyone feel about this?


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