Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Election Fever

2008 Presidential Debate

In just a little under a month, McCain and Obama will be at my school duking it out for the last time before election day. Last year when it was announced that my school would be hosting the last (and most important--hehe) Presidential Debate, I was like, "big deal." But then I realized, seriously, this is a BIG DEAL. Campus security is increasingly tighter and my school has this whole Educate '08 thing going on. Apparently, they are treating this debate as if there were two Presidents coming to campus. Thus, On October 15th--the day of the debate--my school will be on total lock down and I'm kind of excited. I'm going to be in close proximity to one of our new Presidents!

Well anyway, I feel like everyone's got election fever. From New York Fashion Week having an election theme, to fashion celebrities hosting fundraisers for their favorite candidate *cough*Anna Wintour & SJP*cough*. But as for me, I still don't know who I am rooting for. I don't know enough about each candidate's view on certain issues and I must go educate myself and you should too! Oh! And make sure you're registered to vote lovelies.

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