Friday, September 19, 2008


There are times in our lives where we wish certain things would just never happen. Things like breaking a heel and not having a spare pair of shoes, failing a test even though you spent all night studying, or (to the extreme) losing a loved one too early in life. Well, today the most unthinkable thing happened. Today is one of my resident's birthday (I'm an RA) and after my internship, I decided to stop by Crumbs Bakeshop to pick up a chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing (she loves chocolate) for her. But to my horror, Crumbs Bakeshop was OUT OF CUPCAKES! NO. I'M NOT KIDDING!


Here's what happened: With two hours to closing, I arrived at Crumbs Bakeshop around 6pm. I was excited that I would get to have one of their delicious and well-priced cupcakes. But when I skipped up to the door, an 8x11 paper sign smacked me in the face. It read, "Sorry no more cupcakes today!" My mind went blank and my jaw dropped. I thought, "What?!" I walked in and asked the person up front, "Are you serious? Is there really no more cupcakes?!" She said, "Yeah, sorry." I glared over at the cupcake display fridge and she was right. THERE WERE NO MORE CUPCAKES! I wasn't the only one in disbelief. Everyone that walked in after me had THE SAME EXACT reaction--jaw dropped and everything. So since I didn't want to miss my train back, I decided to forget about the cupcakes and go back another time.

I'm still in shock. Anything unbelievable happen to you recently?

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