Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My So Called College Life

It's that time again. The season is changing and I'm slowly settling into the new semester. But along with this subtle change in my life, I'm feeling the wrath of this so called college life. I'm so caught up in everything that I don't have time to stop and smell the roses. The other day, one of my professors described college as a freight train. If you know freight trains, then you know that they usually go so many miles an hour and don't stop until they reach their destination. This is exactly how I feel; I'm on this freight train and I have so many other things to do, but the train won't stop so I have to find the right time to jump off and on.


Well today was no different--long and drawn out, but the highlight was that the package from the fabulous people at solestruck.com arrived (thanks Danielle). I can't wait to wear them! They remind me a little bit about the 90's, but isn't fashion going retro anyway?

Speaking of the 90's. Lately I've had some serious craving for Clarissa Explains It All. I remember looking at Clarissa and thinking she dressed so cool. I would then imitate her outfits only to be stopped by my mom before I left for school, "you're not going out the house like that! Go back upstairs and change!" *stomps feet up the stairs* I often wonder how 90's fashion happened. Seriously, what was so cool about tieing your plaid button down around your waist? NOTHING!

What do you think about 90's fashion?

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