Sunday, October 12, 2008

Update: My Life & This Blog

Lately I've been feeling selfish. My devoted readers come back day-in and day-out and are hit with no update. This comes as a reflection from a lunch conversation I had on Friday. The topic was people who get so consumed in their school life that they don't make time for fun; and I hate to admit it, but I am slightly one of those people. I get so caught up in my life (or stuck on the college freight train as I call it) that I forget to have a good time and neglect my friends. This seems to be a reoccurring problem in my life. How can I solve this? Hmm...

Anyway, the news that CosmoGIRL! is folding is unbelievably shocking! Founded by my idol Atoosa Rubenstein, I can't believe such a wonderful teen magazine (besides Seventeen) is folding. This sends chills up and down my spine because as my college days prolong and my future career goals come into eye sight, I am scared. I am very very scared. Teen publication is what I see in my near future and with one less teen magazine out there, it means there will be more competition for me! It looks like I'm going to have to put on my gloves and start banging out internships like there is no tomorrow. But for now, I'll focus on my one--my one internship that I adore. My one internship where the ladies and man are fabulous, sweet, and fashionable. It's nothing but smiles, laughter, and of course work throughout the office. I'm in heaven.

Please note that I will no longer be doing outfit pictures. It might be because I don't make time to take the pictures and forget about it after I've already changed into my PJs OR, I just don't feel like it--I think it might be both. I've turned a new leaf. I'm over taking pictures of my outfits. Yes, I said I'm over it. No I haven't found my style, but I do think that it will eventually come to me, so for now I'm going to experiment on my own and not have documentation of my faux pas. Although, looking back and laughing at them would be fun. Most importantly, I WILL try to have occasional jumping pictures--their so much fun!

Lastly, I was graced with the opportunity to see Jason Mraz yesterday for FREE at my school. All I can say is: I am in love. The next guy who wants to date me must be able to sing like him. PERIOD.


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