Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pick A Color

Ever since this article came out in New York magazine about people only wearing one color, I have been pondering as to if I too could ever only wear one color. You see, I have this friend who always wears magenta in her daily outfit. Whether it be her bag, gloves, shirt, or whatever, she is always wearing magenta. In a way, I think this is a very admirable characteristic in a person. Wouldn't it just be cool to be known as the person who always wears some form of magenta? Nevertheless, I have decide to become devoted to a specific color, red. I don't know if it's my favorite color, but I've always been drawn to it ... I guess that would make it my favorite color, ha.

A newly bought jacket from Zara.
This is my first attempt as a devoted red wearer.

Could you ever devote your whole wardrobe to one color?


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