Sunday, November 9, 2008

Secretista Explains It All: College Professors

In an attempt to escape from my hectic college life and cling on to whatever is left of my teen years (I turn 20 in January), I have been watching the season 1 of Clarissa Explains It All on DVD; yes I know, I'm a dork ... sue me! The main character, Clarissa Darling, reminded me of what fun I could have with blogging. Of course I know blogging is fun and I love it dearly because I've been doing it since my pre-teen years, but lately I felt like blogging became a job. A job that I got very bad at. Nevertheless, she inspired me to start a new series of posts on my blog entitled, "Secretista Explains It All."


I spent my entire Saturday couped up in my 'dorm' room completing my TAKE HOME midterm (!!!) and drinking nothing but Airborne (I know it doesn't work, but a girl can dream), tea, and orange juice as a precaution to the scratchy throat I have. I am NOT getting sick. I WILL FIGHT IT! Well anyway, my school work got me thinking about how almost all college professors fall under two main categories.

Foremost, there is the Understanding Professor. The Understanding Professor is my favorite and what I think ALL professors should be like. This type of professor isn't out to make your semester a living hell. He or she teaches, entertains, engages the class in great discussion, and isn't intimidating. This type of professor understands that college kids DO have lives and although college is about studying your butt off, the professor is realistic and knows that sometimes that just isn't going to happen. Therefore, the exams are fair. One obviously has to study for them, but shouldn't fear that the professor is out to trick them to a F.

Next is the Difficult Professor. This type of professor is well, difficult. Right from the start of the semester he or she establishes themselves as a hard and unsympathetic professor. One minute late to class? Marked absent. Of course the professor wants you to pass his or her class, but you have to be willing to give up your social life. Their homework assignments are very time consuming and their exams leave you at the edge of your seats and on your toes. This professor usually makes you memorize the whole text book, yet when the exam comes, half of the text is not there--leaving you with a limited amount of time to filter out all the unnecessary facts. Ultimately, this professor is down right difficult!

Well I'm sure many professors fall somewhere between both categories or even both, but this is just what I think.

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