Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Pocketful of Daisies

The buzz around E! News land is that my favorite show (next to Ugly Betty) is getting the axe. And quite frankly, I'm pretty upset. Pushing Daisies, to me, is the most magically entertaining show on TV. The love between oh-so cute Ned the pie maker and Chuck his childhood sweetheart who he brought back to life is darling. This show contains all the emotional tugs a show should have: happiness, anger, sadness, laughter, and etc.. And not to mention, the storybook-esque yet 50's inspired fashion in this show is a breath of fresh air. WHY ABC? WHY? First Cashmere Mafia and now Pushing Daisies? WHAT WILL KEEP ME SANE AT SCHOOL?!

Well, as I prepare to watch one of the last episodes of Pushing Daisies on, I'll leave you with some great pictures of Anna Friel's character, Chuck; may she rest in peace. No pun intended. Sort of.


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