Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twitter Me Not!


I'm no stranger to sharing my lovely text messages (remember my fart conversation with my ex-roommate? Or, the one I had with Noel @ Miss Couturable?). Well, I feel the need to share another conversation. One that sheds the light on what I think about Twitter.

AD: Do you use Twitter?
Secretista: No. I refuse to!
AD: Hahah why?
Secretista: I just don't need another reason to be addicted to the Internet.

It's true. I DON'T need another reason to be addicted to the Internet. I love this Web 2.0 generation, but I think certain things need limits (**hits private on Facebook**). It kind of scares me that through Twitter, people can know what you are doing ... all the time, but with your discretion of course. And sure this blog is bringing you all into my life, but even this has certain limits. I also don't find the amusement in telling people that "Secretista is watching ANTM" at the moment. That's what Facebook statuses are for. And so Twitter you ask, "What are you doing?" Well, I'm not telling!

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