Monday, December 29, 2008

Intern and The City: The End (Fall 08)

Well, it's over; for now at least. Today was my last day at Seventeen for the fall 2008 semester. I was the last of the fall interns to leave, but the truth is, I just wasn't ready to let go. I went into the internship looking at it as a job/learning experience, but came out with great friends and a great experience that validated my love for fashion. My internship made truth of the magazine's tag line: "It's fun to be (working at) Seventeen!" I'll miss working in the city for the time being.

Speaking of working in the city, Whitney Ports spin-off of a spin-off (yes, re-read that to get the full effect), "The City," premieres tonight on MTV. I may just watch it to see if the show is worth a minute of my time, but I think it'll just be a fictitious portrayal of what it's like to be living and working in "The City." I'm also sure MTV won't show the struggling side of trying to make ends meet in an expensive city, but wait. I hear MTV pays well and since Miss Port is getting paid to star in the reality show, she probably won't suffer. Eh, either way "The City" might be mildly entertaining because it's being filmed in my soon-to-be home after graduation: New York City. And in New York City, anything can happen because it's filled with different type of characters.

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