Thursday, January 1, 2009

And It Begins!

First, Happy New Year!


I spent mine at school dressed up in 80's inspired clothing and watching Sixteen Candles and Pretty In Pink! I ate way too much for my own good and drank too much sparkling apple cider. But who cares because I had fun!

In 22 days I turn 20. Yours truly has been gearing up for her journey into her twenty-something and she (me) can say, "I'm ready." Sure there's nothing exciting about turning 20, but no longer will I be considered a "teen." You see, I'm not a girl, not yet a woman (**chuckles**), but turning 20 is just one step closer to truly being considered an adult.

I love my birthday. It's not because I get showered with gifts, because I don't. But I feel like it's my special day to call my own. I consider my birthday to be a holiday. Seriously, I do and you should too (consider your birthday to be a holiday). Every year I usually countdown with my friends and this time while counting down the days, I'll be revealing my obsessions. I just happen to have a love for a lot of things in this world.

Like I said in my previous post, I love change. My love for change is probably why I love fashion. Fashion is always changing and so am I. But don't get me wrong, as much as I love change, I also love stability and predictability. I just think that every now and then, we could use a little change in our lives. Could you imagine yourself dressing the same way you did when you were in elementary school? Or, keeping the same attitude on life you may have had five or so years ago?... No. I don't think so. We all change for good (or bad) reasons so when change comes your way, man up and embrace it.

Nevertheless, Happy New Year and I hope you all had a lovely New Year's Eve!

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