Friday, January 30, 2009

Back In Black

Prior to my mini hiatus, I stumbled upon Jaime Wears Black. Her love of black got me thinking about the color black.


You see, growing up I wasn't allowed to wear black. Yes, that's right. I said I wasn't allowed. I remember whenever my mom went shopping with me I would always pick black and she would always tell me, "No. I'm not paying for that. You always choose black. Choose another color." I never understood what her dislike with black was; and I still don't. Well, may be it was because of my dark skin tone and she thought I needed a lighter color. But because my mom never allowed me to wear black, I never did. Not until recently of course and man I now know what I was missing!

Black is such an elegant and sophisticated color. May be I'll buy more of it and forgo my adventure into wearing nothing but red. What do you think?

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