Monday, February 2, 2009

A New Semester. A New Internship.


As I had subtly mentioned in my previous post, I've got a new internship. Today was my first day and I love it. Some of you are probably thinking, "Why a home decor magazine?" Well, why not? I love opportunities that can expand my art and especially my magazine horizon--while you know, getting my web 2.0 geek-on!

New semesters are like new years. Oh. Wait. It is the new year, but you know what I mean. Every semester I have a "resolution." This semester's resolution is to budget. I'm a tad-bit low on cash and food is no longer a necessity, but a luxury. I've slipped up a couple of times by giving the hair dresser a too-big of a tip and buying almond M&Ms when I can clearly survive without them (or can I?). And although my internship will beat up my wallet and add to my financial burden, in the long run I think it will be worth it.

So except for my financial state, my semester has been off to a good start. How is everyone else?

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