Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stomp Around

As I get older, my style changes (as expected of course). One aspect about my everyday style that has drastically changed is shoes. Never did I think I would enjoy wearing 4-5 inch heels for more than 12 hours.

Half of my shoe rack that's tucked away in my campus closet.

I often wonder where my love for heels began, but I can't seem to figure it out. In high school I loved the "kitten heel." I'd wear them with colored socks and tights. Somewhere between then and now, I endured the thrill of dancing the night away in blister inflicting heels. Seriously, whenever I go out dancing or to a party that involves dancing for a long period of time, I MUST wear heels. I don't take them off because I think dancing in flip flops or socks and a fashionable dress is tacky; that's just me.

I also guess there's just something about a high heel that makes me feel like a supermodel (ha-ha). And because it fulfills this far-fetched dream of mine, I'm obsessed with high-heels.

16 days 'til my birthday!
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