Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Fever

Dear Mother Nature,

'Tis the Spring season, so why is it still a little nippy outside?


I'm over wearing tights with my skirts and dresses and ready to put on my wind-blowing, girly-looking, zestful sun dresses. What I love about Spring is the fact I get to wear all the flower print and blindingly bright colors that I want.

To hold my Spring fashion needs over until the weather gets warmer, I'll be wearing what I call "transitional pieces." You know, things like light jackets and sweaters. I think that like a little black dress, "transitional pieces" are a must in a gal's closet. I'm completely in love with this White, pink and green flower embroidered cardigan from Fred Flare. If only I had extra cash to spend...

Fred Flare

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