Monday, September 28, 2009

All Questions Answered

What school do you go to and what are you studying?
I'd rather not reveal where I attend school, although, older readers do know where I get my education on. I love my university with all my heart, but with recent not-so-flattering media attention we've gotten, I'm keeping my lips shut. If you couldn't guess it, I'm studying print journalism and women's studies. Power to the female!

Do you believe in soulmates?
Yes, very much so. I have my parents to blame for that. I truly believe my parents are soulmates; they met when they were 16 and have been together ever since. Growing up I never wasted time with guys, who I didn't think were my potential soulmate. Granted this left me very single for most of my life, and I'm sure some people will say that I'm crazy and that I should just date to date and test the waters, but I believe when I meet the one, I'll know.

How can people get invited to fashion related events?
The people who get invited to fashion related events usually have some influence on the industry itself. Whether you're a famous Blogger, Editor, Buyer, Designer or even a Celebrity, you may get an invite. Or, becoming some form of a Fashion Intern may help too!

Did you start doing fashion internships in high school, or did you begin in college? Is that even really possible to be an intern in high school unless you have connections?
I began interning in College. After all, I didn't really know where to start in high school. Interns are allowed to be from high school, but I'm sure those are special circumstances. Noel @ MissCouturable did it and so did Colby Jordan--Phillip Lim's super teen intern.

I'm going to be interning at Seventeen this fall. It's a different department than you interned with, but I was wondering if you had any advice?
My only advice is that you be yourself and don't be afraid to voice your opinion (in a polite and demur manner of course) and be enthusiastic 100% of the time. If they tell you to go make copies, act like you live for making copies. And if you truly love where you're interning, this shouldn't be hard!

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