Friday, October 2, 2009

Just Thinking...

Yesterday, my school placed the Spring 2010 semester classes online (something the whole student body had been impatiently waiting for). So as I checked what classes I needed to take in order to graduate on time, reality began to set in. I have very few classes until I'm done with school (!!!). Soon, this blog won't be about "College" anymore. Okay, so I have a year to blog about this subject matter, but I'm a fan of looking towards the future; sue me.

I know I keep saying I'll be back to my normal blogging habits and then I don't blog, or I blog once a week. I just feel like this past week was just so freaking hectic. Hm. You know what, may be this is just how the year is going to be. Hectic, hectic, hectic! I'm going to own up to it and just endure the craziness. Looks like this year will keep me on my toes!

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