Monday, January 4, 2010

Go Hard in 2010!

Long gone are the days when my elementary school teachers would force me and my lunch trading classmates to write our "New Year Resolutions" down on bell shaped cutouts. I can wholeheartedly remember that I would always write, "Get better grades and be nicer to my brother (HAHA)." I really can't believe it's been a full decade in the new millennium. 10 years ago I was graduating from 5th grade and jammin' out to Vitamin C's "Graduation Friends Forever" song. Ah, good times.

A new year to me means a fresh start. 2009 brought me amazing opportunities and occasions, but I expect 2010 to be an even bigger year for me (and hopefully for you too)! Resolutions have never been my thing, but this year I decided to make one resolution. And that is, to go hard or go home (like Rihanna). I really just want to get the most out of this year, so expect more out of me blog-wise readers. I just might go back to doing outfit posts. Speaking of outfit posts, I forgot to document my no-more-jeans adventure. Pictures will be coming soon! Did you make any resolutions?

I turn 21 in 19 days!

Here's a picture of me approximately 20 years ago. Looks like red has always been my favorite color:

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